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An amazing, modern and user friendly booking engine that brings you commission free bookings! And no more need to pay for a booking button…its all included!


Enable hospitality teams to access beneficial information, learn from each other another, manage tasks, projects, manage all operating departments and store relevant data regardless of geographic location

Drive more direct bookings with your own hotel website so you can better connect with the guest and pay NO commission

Live Chat Bot

With this hotelbot, a chatbot hotel agent that chats with guests and assists with ordering any type of hotel service....a chatbot concierge. Personalized Messaging

This bot takes into account a set of variables for configuring messages sent to a specific Guest. It allows broadcasting the information in a much more targeted way.

Special Offers

SiliconHM's HotelBot helps selling hotel offers Guests will buy more when you send them new promo-offers and interesting news.

A property management system focusing on independent hotels and hotel groups. The modern reservation system is easy to use and quick to set up. Manage your hotel from your tablet or smartphone anywhere you go

Generate positive reviews

Generate positive reviews using our review request tools.

Real-time review management alerts

Get your reviews emailed to you in real-time as they get posted on review sites.

 Know what customers say

Aggregated reviews from all the top review websites. 

Mobile review apps

Use SiliconHM's custom review apps to spawn feedback from customers before they leave your hotel and help improve ranking  

New! SiliconChatBot,

Build lasting relationships

Hotel Booking Bot

In the hotel industry the arrival of the “hotel booking bot” has revolutionized the way guests can interact with a company before, during and after their stay. This trend is set to dominate the industry, so it’s time you discovered how to make a hotel chatbot. 

Front Desk Bot

Manage reservations, transactions and guest information with a smart guest profiling system. Ensure guest satisfaction with detailed visit histories and customer preferences.

Smart Services Bot

Improve and streamline business operations by integrating services, improve guest experience, attend to their needs and wants, all effortlessly in sync with the FrontDesk & Feedback.

Get SiliconBot to be the chatbot for your hotel and help you build the best hotel booking chatbot on the market! 

Survey & Feedback System

With a Realtime Feedback system, start tapping into your guest's preferences and expectations; get instant negative-sentiment alerts and generate analysis to understand your customer behavior.

Analytics Information

Enhance customer information and preferences with the Analytics Tool. Customize offers that appeal to customers with the smart mapping feature. Create “WOW” moments for customers and maximize customer spend.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to a wide range of online hotel marketing solutions that are driving higher conversions and improved customer service. By leveraging breakthrough machine learning and natural language technologies you can always make the conversational feel more human.


No more need to work with separate providers, just sign up with our platform once and for all, it saves time, saves money and earn your more revenue....more profit!

Be Found Online and Earn more revenue...

Your hotels website is mobile friendly, fast and search engine friendly. It will helps you increase revenue and get more direct online bookings in no time.

Hosting, Domains and more...

Your hotel PMS and website are hosted on super fast, secure and reliable Amazon AWS hosting.

Manage Reputation and conduct guest surveys... 

One-of-a-kind cloud software connecting reputation management with booking engine in seconds. No designers, no coders, no expenses!



Our software tools are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. All you have to do is go to the relevant software and manage your tasks on your mobile.

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