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As a hotel professional you are able to join our team to serve hotel owners and hotel groups and represent SiliconHM and be part of our Hotel Advisor network. We help hotel advisor offer full hospitality management services to the hotels they consult, all the hotel advisor need to do, it focusing on relationships and growing their business. SiliconHM do the rest.

Help levelling the playing field for independent hotels

Support hotel with cutting edge tools

Offer tools to your clients and earn residual income

An amazing, modern and user friendly booking engine that brings you commission free bookings! And no more need to pay for a booking button…its all included!


Enable hospitality teams to access beneficial information, learn from each other another, manage tasks, projects, manage all operating departments and store relevant data regardless of geographic location

Drive more direct bookings with your own hotel website so you can better connect with the guest and pay NO commission

Use your hotels data to better manage demand and rates to maximise your hotels bottom line profit margins

A property management system focusing on independent hotels and hotel groups. The modern reservation system is easy to use and quick to set up. Manage your hotel from your tablet or smartphone anywhere you go

World's only marketplace for hospitality services. A hotel head office on demand allowing independent hotels and hotel advisors a levelled playing field

SiliconHM offer sales services to assist in contracting digital channels. We get your hotel connected with all the major Digital Channels like Agoda, Booking, Ctrip, Traveloka, Hotel Beds etc, contact us for a full list. On top of connecting the channels, we help managing them for you.

Our team is more than happy to help your hotel or hotel group to manage all the GSA (General Sales Agent) to help distributing hotel rooms to the major travel agent players globally. The team is experienced and contract both leisure and business FIT's and groups with high production.

The revenue management team and SiliconHM have lots of experience in yielding rate and maximizing revenue for the hotel, thus increasing profits for hotel owners. 

The revenue management team and SiliconHM have lots of experience in yielding rate and maximizing revenue for the hotel, thus increasing profits for hotel owners. We know how achieve the best possible room rates, from the right guests at the right time while smartly managing the hotels room types and total inventory. 

Driving direct bookings via digital marketing is the key to your hotel's success. SiliconHM's analytics, data and digital marketing services will help you increase your direct revenue, thus lowering your commissions and increasing your profits, this is related to smart SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Meta Engine Marketing, Online PR's and Influencer Marketing, SiliconHM's team will handle this for all hotel advisor and hotel owners.

Generate positive reviews

Generate positive reviews using our review request tools.

Real-time review management alerts

Get your reviews emailed to you in real-time as they get posted on review sites.

 Know what customers say

Aggregated reviews from all the top review websites. 

Mobile review apps

Use SiliconHM's custom review apps to spawn feedback from customers before they leave your hotel and help improve ranking  

Live Chat Bot

With this hotelbot, a chatbot hotel agent that chats with guests and assists with ordering any type of hotel service....a chatbot concierge. Personalized Messaging

This bot takes into account a set of variables for configuring messages sent to a specific Guest. It allows broadcasting the information in a much more targeted way.

Special Offers

SiliconHM's HotelBot helps selling hotel offers Guests will buy more when you send them new promo-offers and interesting news.

New! Facebook ChatBot for your Hotel,

Build lasting relationships

Hotel Booking Bot

In the hotel industry the arrival of the “hotel booking bot” has revolutionized the way guests can interact with a company before, during and after their stay. This trend is set to dominate the industry, so it’s time you discovered how to make a hotel chatbot. 

Front Desk Bot

Manage reservations, transactions and guest information with a smart guest profiling system. Ensure guest satisfaction with detailed visit histories and customer preferences.

Smart Services Bot

Improve and streamline business operations by integrating services, improve guest experience, attend to their needs and wants, all effortlessly in sync with the FrontDesk & Feedback.

Get SiliconBot to be the chatbot for your hotel and help you build the best hotel booking chatbot on the market! 

Survey & Feedback System

With a Realtime Feedback system, start tapping into your guest's preferences and expectations; get instant negative-sentiment alerts and generate analysis to understand your customer behavior.

Analytics Information

Enhance customer information and preferences with the Analytics Tool. Customize offers that appeal to customers with the smart mapping feature. Create “WOW” moments for customers and maximize customer spend.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to a wide range of online hotel marketing solutions that are driving higher conversions and improved customer service. By leveraging breakthrough machine learning and natural language technologies you can always make the conversational feel more human.


Apply and become a member today and have a chance to compete with the big hotel groups, more information on the inside.

Existing Hotel Advisor?

If your'e independent hotel advisor, simply offer our products to the hotels you consult, and get access to all our advisor services, full support on demand.

Become a Hotel Advisor?

If you are now working as hotel professional and think you have what it takes to become a hotel consultant or owner rep for hotel owners...apply with us right away, we offer you the infrastructure to succeed!

Have Hotel Skills?

If you are especially strong in important hotel skills; operations, digital marketing, web development, engineering, sales, revenue management, general management....join our team to support our hotel advisors on your terms. 


If you have what it takes to become a hotel advisor or want to support hoteliers in specific hotel related fields, you have found to most innovative hotel advisor network around. 

Veeranat L.


 "Khun Veeranat, a Thai national with hospitality management degree from Honolulu, Hawaii. Several years as General Manager and Area General Manager for international hotel brands and most recently Sr. Vice President Head of Operations & Vice President Business Development for PACE Development Corporation PLC."

"I am glad to be part of SiliconHM, and know how much value the platform provides hotel owners in today's competitive hospitality environment, SiliconHM is a great backbone for any hotel." 

Alexander P.


Alexander P, a Swedish national who brings over 20 years’ hotel industry experience, previously based in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and most recent years in Thailand with international hotel management companies as well as VP Operations for 50 Hotels in Thailand.

"SiliconHM is now experiencing strong growth with several new hotels in our pipe and we are taking leaps across Thailand and Asia. Our technological advantage, being innovative and agile is helping our expansion"



Khun Yodchai, a Thai/German national with airline background, co-founder or airline, CEO of airline and travel industry background. Khun Yodchai holds a law degree from Germany. 

"We are very excited to see our venture taking off, and we have big plans for the future, both as hotel advisors as well as hotel systems...we are currently working on automization, Ai and revenue analytics to help small and mid-sized hotels to become more competitive."

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