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Productivity & Collaboration

All growing hotel teams eventually run into serious problems related to operations, communications and projects. Hotel teams are busy working on urgent tasks, buried in emails while new tasks pile up. What do do? Jump on board!

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Message Board, Group Chat and Instant Message

Hotel teams can communicate better

The hotel teams will be on the same page and no communication is lost when staff is leaving and no need to rely on Line / Whatsapp / Messenger etc.

Files & Report Storage

All files and reports organized in one place

Hotels departmental teams has access to relevant files and report in a safe environment and no need to always ask around. Keep files stored smartly.

Hotel Tasks & Projects

Start and finish projects faster

No more lost emails, hard to follow email chains…chat directly under a relevant topic, and keep your communication organized. Stay on top of what everyone is doing, set due dates, and assign responsibility.

Hotel Department Overview

Management will know everything going on

If anything’s late or requires a follow-up conversation, HuMP shows everyone whats going on and keeps each person accountable.

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Easy and affordable pricing,  with no surprises and 14-day free trial, with all features. Admin can manage roles and decide user and access levels.


So easy to use that anyone so the entire team can get started with no learning curve. A cloud for hotel management to place, store and organize all the important files and reports.


HuMP is the best way to bring hotel teams together and collaborate on tasks and projects, tailored for hospitality professionals.


Hoteliers Loves the "HuMP" Software

"HuMP" has become our hotels day-to-day management tool and we save so much time and hassle. SiliconHM has really helped us in managing  our hotels with an effective two-way communication platform, between hotel management and hotel teams.

Stephanie L.

Hotel Consultant

HuMP is Created

For All Hoteliers.

Assign all hotels daily, weekly and monthly reoccurring tasks,  stay on top of hotels performance and be up to date with your entire hotel operations from anywhere, anytime time.

Hotel Advisors

Hotel Groups

Hotel Owners

Hotel Teams

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